Friday, February 17, 2012

Mid-February Report

We searched and searched Lejeune Yard Sales and managed to purchase 2 twin beds with mattresses for under $100! Alex got a twin bed with a wooden headboard bookshelf, very similar to our bunk beds. Daniel was moved into the bottom bunk of a twin bed and the three boys are sharing a room! Caroline got a futon-bunk bed, it's black iron and she loves it! I love that we have a full bed if we need it when we have company. She is in her own room now, and loving the privacy. I told her when the baby is bigger she will have to share with him for a while, but she doesn't care!

We have done terrible at developing a morning routine, so that is not anywhere near accomplished this month. We have improved our breakfast routines, so I will work on a formal list and that will be our accomplished habit for the month!

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