Wednesday, December 28, 2011

2012 Goals

I don't like New Years Resolutions, they don't work. But I recently read an article explaining that if you have goals and a plan for your year, it tends to be more productive and directed. I liked that concept. I have a lot of things floating around in my brain that I want to accomplish or change, but I figure I'll get around to it someday. So this is my record of things I want to accomplish this year. I hope to update occasionally my progress.

1. join a Bible study
2. follow through with a regular quiet time
3. finish the study Earl and I are doing
4. read through the entire Bible

1. monthly date nights
2. read power of a praying wife and 5 love languages (use what I learn)
3. make his lunch
4. SHMILY surprises more often

Household projects:
1. plant a successful garden
2. redecorate master bedroom
3. redecorate/add shelves to laundry room
4. redo hallway
5. find Caroline a twin bed, and maybe one more for Alex?
6. make and use cloth napkins

Monthly Habits
1. meal planning
2. laundry system
3. "swish and swipe" bathrooms
4. morning routines
5. evening routines
6. baking bread weekly
7. eating meals in the kitchen (teaching kids better table manners)
8. Waking up early, getting dressed and ready
9. finding healthy breakfast options, making a list they can choose from and having it available
10. finding healthy lunch options, making a list they can choose from and having it available (no more ramen noodles and spaghettio-s

1. using WII fit or some kind of exercise 3x a week
2. drink more water
3. start eating cleaner/healthier

Homeschooling goals:
1. find a workable schedule for Brian and keep at it
2. teach Alex to be more independent
3. teach Caroline how to read
4. bring Daniel home and teach him/therapy followup
5. park times at least twice a month
6. 1 special day/field trip a month

Kid raising goals:
1. better manners
2. more consistent discipline
3. more spiritually "heavy"
a. daily Bible time
b. family Bible time
c. memorize verses
d. special lessons and activities to teach