Tuesday, January 31, 2012

One month down!

Well this was not the month I expected. I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes, so I am learning the fast way how to eat healthier! My goal is to learn good habits that I keep after the baby is born so that I will continue to lose weight and be healthier. I have a few friends that are keeping me accountable which is a huge help. For now I am following this diet- which seems to keep me satisfied and my sugar at the right levels.

I am still continuing with the 3650 reading program, I haven't been every day but it's been consistent and I've enjoyed it a lot! It's hard to believe I've read nearly 300 chapters of the Bible in just one month.

We did two field trips this month, one to the Tobacco Museum in Durham and one to the Wastewater treatment plant in New Bern (it's actually today, so I can't share how umm. interesting it is yet.)

Since meal planning is still going great on Google, I am going to work on morning routines this month for me and the kids.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Halfway through January thoughts

So we are halfway through January, and I thought I'd share how I'm doing so far. We have been to the park twice this month so far! One time to a high-tech park in Swansboro and the other to the Commons Park in Jacksonville. '

I did pull Daniel out of school and we are so far using Preschool handwriting without tears with him and lots of play. Hopefully we will find more he enjoys soon. He is so little I don't worry about it much yet.

Meal planning is coming along nicely! I found out I can use my google calendar to "schedule" my meals. It helps to get the e-mail reminder to plan for it and see it on my igoogle!

I've been doing a daily Bible reading, based on Professor Grant Horner's 3650 challenge that is reading ten chapters a day in different books. I didn't think I could do it, but I am really enjoying it!

Finally, I got a straw cup for Christmas, and drink a ton of water with it now! Hopefully that will continue :)