Friday, March 9, 2012

February Check-In

February was a busy month and I'm not sure why! Earl and I got to go on a date to Red Lobster which was lots of fun to get out by ourselves. The kids and I played at McDonald's playground, and we went to Pullman Park with Aunt Becky and Uncle Glen. That was lots of fun-we all rode the carousel, and the train, and Daniel got to ride the boats. Then we all played at the park. We learned about weights and balances when everyone took turns on the see-saw to see who could balance it. We didn't get to a field trip, but we had a day trip to Garner to celebrate Caleb's third birthday and go out to dinner!

I printed out our breakfast menu, and posted it on the cabinet. Most of the choices are things we have on a regular basis. I also started freezing leftovers in smaller portions for Earl's lunch, he's much happier and it makes his morning easier!

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