Sunday, November 21, 2010

A little bit of this and that

Okay, so I didn't realize it's been two months since I decided to diet. I've lost a whopping five pounds. The metformin made me sick, and we lost our insurance, so I stopped taking it, and with Earl home my motivation has been low. However, we did start seeing the dietician at our pediatrician who has been awesome. My terrible habits have rubbed off on my oldest, who at his current rate of growth will turn into me. When I made an appointment to see her, I thought she would hand me a food pyramid and say have fun, but she has been a huge help. We see her every three weeks, and she gives us family goals to work towards. With her encouragement, we have reduced the amount of screen time (well I still spend to much time on the computer), switched to 1% milk, we are trying to add more fruits and veggies in our diet and working on adding a regular family walk to our day. She said if we develop good habits, Alex will turn into a healthy adult, and I will benefit also.
We have also realized that Alex's adhd has gotten out of control. He is a wild child! So we are working on a healthier diet now to also see if that will improve his control. I decided to work on one habit every two weeks and then maybe it will stick. Our fist goal is to give up cereal, and switch to a high protein breakfast. Eggs, and a caffeinated drink with added protein. We are also going to add some brain boosting vitamins and minerals back in.