Monday, March 21, 2011

How do you get it all done?

I have had several conversations with people recently about "those" people. You know who I'm talking about-the women with many children, homeschools perfectly, has a clean house, cooks healthy meals, looks great and is involved in many church and outside activities. Someone even accused me of being that-hahahaha!!! Not in a million years. We all think we know at least one of those women. But in my experience it is a mask. If you get to know them you will find out that they don't have it as together as we think. Everyone struggles with getting it all done. But I want to consider two important things.

The first is our teacher, Jesus Christ. He took time to eat, sleep and care for himself, but he never put anyone off for a rest. When he met the woman at the well, he had just sat down for a break. He could have ignored the woman, but he took the time to share the truth with her. My second example is the storm. Jesus was so tired that he slept through a storm! But when they got to the other side of the water, people were waiting for him. Instead of saying, "look this has been a long day, come back later" he started teaching! A friend shared this with me this week, and it really has been convicting. How often could I get more done if I didn't take so much "me" time or breaks. If in an afternoon I can read a dime novel, how much of the daily jobs could I get done? I'm not saying we shouldn't take a break, but we should be devoted to fruitful labor. (Philippians 1:22-go look it up!). My challenge to myself this month will be to take less breaks to get what I supposed to done, but also not look at others around me and compare.

I will talk more about my second point tomorrow-even though we may not get it all done, homeschooling is better!

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  1. funny. this is the opposite of what my bible study was about tonight: rest! God must be trying to tell me something; but i'm not sure what: either i rest too much or i do too much and need to rest, haha! cuz at first, i thought you were talking about me (except for the many children thing ;-) anyway, have a great night, looking forward to tomorrow's post! san


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