Monday, May 31, 2010

an alone weekend with lots accomplished!

Earl and I had a long weekend, while the kids went to Asheboro to the zoo with the grandparents. We took naps, watched movies, went shopping and relaxed. It was a great time to connect and look at the way our lives are moving. In those decisions, we are giving up fast food for the next 30 days, using our extra money and income tax to pay off debt (hopefully by the end of the summer we will be debt free except for the mortgage!). This is the first step to accompishing some of my goals!

I also spent some time this weekend and made a summer schedule for us to follow, so hopefully this will be the beginning of another goal!

Tomorrow I'm joining a group on facebook to read Power of a Praying Wife during the month of June. Join me!

Finally, I adjusted and modified some of my goals to make them more specific. The point of this is to make them more defined and to give it enough time to make it a new habit.

PS. since the kids went to the zoo, I'm going to mark it as once!

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