Sunday, May 2, 2010


This is a lighter week for us, so I want to begin working towards Bible time with the kids. I think I am going to follow the Heart of Wisdom method, but I am struggling with being a perfectionist in it. There are four basic steps to this approach. The first is to create an interest. They suggest doing this by remembering first with prayer for understanding,what you learned yesterday, ask about prior knowledge of the passage, and share what I have learned from this. the second step is to read the Bible, chronologically so you read through the Bible in a year. This is where my perfectionism first comes in-they reccomend the Narrated Bible, but I could also find a list and just follow the readings. During the reading it is reccomended to use Bible study tools like dictionaries, an atlas and a concordance. They also reccomend using who, what, where, when, why and how to begin learning inductive Bible study. The third part is to expand on what was learned with a writing project, a craft, or a worksheet (these are just examples). The fourth part is to share what was learned. They suggest creating a Bible portfolio for this purpose. That is explained here This is where I get overwhelmed. I love all of this, but do I follow all of it or just parts? I think it is to ambitious to have a project and a notebook activity ready, unless I planned it out a month or so in advance? I need to keep thinking this out and pray and talk to Earl. I was hoping to start tomorrow.

I did find a list of chronological reading

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