Friday, February 18, 2011

Eye Patching

We have to patch both Brian and Daniel for vision problems. Daniel has a nerve palsy in one eye, which means that the nerve that controls his eye muscles, the dilation of the pupil and the eyelid was damaged in his stroke. We patch the good eye to encourage him to use the damaged eye in the hope that the brain will re-engage that nerve. Brian has a weak and a strong eye, and they don't track well together. He does not have a wandering eye, but he could. We went to a developmental eye doctor for Brian who checks for visual problems that a regular optometrist wouldn't see.

Both doctors recommended that while patching, they should be doing close visual activities (although Daniel's doctor said it's not as important since most toddler activities are close work). Brian is supposed to be patched on both eyes for at least an hour each, and Daniel on one eye for two hours. We have found many fun things for Brian to do. One easy way is video games! Playing a video game is an easy way to distract him. Another is coloring a picture or doing a craft. Looking at a book is another way to accomplish our goal. The Lite Brite was suggested as a good project, but we haven't found one yet. We can do his eye patching during school time, but I don't want to make school even harder for him. And he does not like patching, so having fun activities makes it easier.

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